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Organizing Tools

Issue Tools

Contact Information for Cuyahoga Reps/Senators Cuyahoga County State Legislators.pdf
Cuyahoga House Map Cuyahoga house districts.pdf
Cuyahoga Senate Map Cuyahoga senate map.pdf
Medicaid Expansion Letter/Phone Call Template GCC 1-24-13 letter writing.pdf
Northeast Ohio Medicaid Expansion Coalition One-Pager NEO-MEC one pager final.pdf
Medicaid Expansion Chart Medicaid Chart.pdf
Medicaid Expansion Talking Points Medicaid Expansion Talking Points.pdf
Medicaid Expansion Presentation Medicaid Expansion Presentation.pps
Medicaid Expansion Briefing Sheet Medicaid Briefing.pdf

Jobs Team Materials

Job Hunters Group Flier job hunters flier big.pdf

Education Team Materials

CMSD Reform Legislation Summary GCC CMSD Proposal Summary.pdf
CMSD Levy Summary CMSD Levy Memo.pdf
CMSD Education Reform Plan: Power Point Presentation Cleveland Plan Briefing Document - 2012-02-06.pdf
CMSD Education Reform Plan: 16-page summary ClevelandPlanForTransformingSchools202212.pdf
Dr. Singham's Education Presentation 2011 GCC.pdf

Criminal Justice Team Tools

SB 337 Summary SB 377 Summary.pdf


July 2012 Newsletter July2012.pdf
June 2012 Newsletter June2012.pdf
May 2012 Newsletter May2012 Issue.pdf

Training Materials

Organizational Democracy Overview Lipman Organizational Democracy.pdf
House meeting report form house meeting report form.pdf
Individual Meeting Report Form me-search individ report form.pdf

Organizing Articles

The Importance of Being Unprincipled On the Importance of Being Unprincipled.pdf

Training Presentations

July 26/28 Action Team Training July 26-28 presentation.pps

Flyers and Agendas

July 9/10 Training Agenda July 9-10 training agenda.pdf