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Criminal Justice


MEDIA ROUNDUP: Our Anger to Action: the Justice System on Trial- GCC Criminal Justice Action- February 16, 2016

“Though it is not widely known, the prosecutor is the most powerful law enforcement official in the criminal justice system. One might think that judges are the most powerful, or even the police, but in reality the prosecutor holds the cards. It is the prosecutor, far more than any other criminal justice official, who holds the keys to the jailhouse door.”  -Michelle Alexander, The New Jim Crow

GCC Leads Pressure on Mayor Jackson

Momentum appears to be building toward meaningful police reform in Cleveland: editorial

For all the anger and mistrust swirling around the shooting of 12-year-old Tamir Rice and the release of a critical U.S. Department of Justice report on the use of excessive force by Cleveland police, voices are being raised in clear expectation that meaningful change can be achieved.

An Unprecedented Opportunity to Transform the Criminal Justice System

CLEVELAND, Ohio -- A broad-based coalition of religious groups is taking action to play a leading role in reform of Cuyahoga County's criminal justice system.

Greater Cleveland Congregations, a nonpartisan coalition representing more than 40 congregations and 20,000 people, will begin a series of meetings on Tuesday to develop and press its recommendations on police reform.

May 29 Action on Overcharging and Illegal Guns

CLEVELAND -- Their rallying phrase: Our united power builds a Greater Cleveland. It's strength in numbers. It's getting loud enough to get something done. The Greater Cleveland Congregations pulls people from more than 30 faith groups to make change from the ground up with one new goal: stopping illegal guns. 

Ohio Gov. John Kasich begins to win converts in unexpected places: Phillip Morris

Gov. John Kasich had signed Senate Bill 337 into law days earlier, but he recognized the opportunity that came with a "ceremonial" signing in front of a Cleveland audience that until recently would have been unpredictable, if not hostile. Before Kasich re-enacted the signing of the criminal justice reform measure on Monday, he closely scanned the crowd crammed into the stifling gymnasium of Elizabeth Baptist Church. He needed a prop. Smiling politicians, staff and clergymen surrounded him, but he needed someone else.

GCC hosts ceremonial signing of Collateral Sanctions Bill

CLEVELAND – Greater Cleveland Congregations (GCC) hosted Governor John Kasich, Senator Shirley Smith, and other sponsors of Senate Bill 337 (SB 337) for a ceremonial signing to highlight the importance of this new legislation.

Governor signs Collateral Sanction Reform Bill

Governor John Kasich met with Greater Cleveland Congregations members Monday to discuss collateral sanctions reforms. "You don't want to look the other way when you have a human being that has a chance to realize their God given potential," Kasich said. With that realization, Kasich ceremonially signed into law the Collateral Sanction Reform Bill. It removes job barriers for nearly 2 million Ohioans with criminal records.