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Our Vision: GCC imagines a community that works together to provide quality educational opportunities for all children in Greater Cleveland so that each child may develop his/her innate abilities for the common good.

Our Victories:

  • Greater Cleveland Congregations is proud to have supported and organized for the Cleveland Metropolitan School District levy in 2012.  GCC recruited, trained, and engaged 250 volunteers in voter registration, canvassing, phone banking, and election day support in the successful campaign for the Cleveland Metropolitan School District levy, which will raise over $50 million to turn around failing schools and restore cuts to the school day, art, music, gym, security, health, and other crucial programs, and will fund Mayor Jackson’s plan to turn around failing schools.
  • GCC has partnered with 10 district schools to increase parent engagement and develop a district-wide parent voice that can provide guidance to the district on implementing improvements.
  • In 2011 , GCC organized an assembly of over 1000 people at Olivet Institutional Baptist Church to highlight the stories of students and parents affected by the Cleveland Metropolitan School District cuts to early childhood education, transportation, and high school athletics.  This organized public outcry (and the press it generated) created pressure that resulted in a deal between the Cleveland Metropolitan School District and the Cleveland Teachers Union that reversed $7 million worth of cuts to these vital programs.  This was GCC’s first public action, and our first victory!

Other Industrial Areas Foundation affiliates have achieved major victories in the area of education, including:

  • Initiating the small schools movement and starting up four high-performing charter schools in New York City.
  • Creating a city-wide afterschool program and protecting state budget funding for education in Baltimore.
  • Launching innovative college access programs in Baltimore, Montgomery County MD, and Waukegan, IL.
  • Transforming a low-performing neighborhood school into a high-achieving Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) school in Boston.

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