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28 May. 2011 Posted by Campaign in Education

New interfaith group will work for social justice

By The Rev. Jawanza Karriem Lightfoot Colvin
and Rabbi Robert A. Nosanchuk

At the historic March on Washington of 1963, the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. shared his social vision with our nation. In his "I Have a Dream" speech, he painted a picture in words of a community shaped by principles of justice, democracy and human dignity.

17 Jun. 2011 Posted by Ari in Criminal Justice

Cleveland Heights police didn't grasp current sex-assault evidence rules

CLEVELAND, Ohio -- If Cleveland Heights officers had had up-to-date training on sexual-assault investigations, they might have recognized the two different types of evidence a hospital gave them from a 2009 rape case now linked by DNA to serial-killings suspect Anthony Sowell.

17 Jun. 2011 Posted by Ari in Jobs

Rebuild American infrastructure? Companies’ offshore profits can help

America needs investment in its infrastructure. We need someone to invest hundreds of billions of dollars into for-profit trains, roads, airports, clean electricity generation, high-voltage transmission lines and more. As former Treasury secretary Larry Summers has noted, the nation’s commercial and residential housing stock probably does not need to be increased, but it could be improved in quality by replacing windows, insulation and monitoring systems, which save more in energy spending over time than would be spent on the renovations.

7 Jun. 2011 Posted by Ari in Health Care

Can these bones live?

That was the question The Very Reverend Tracey Lind asked about 2,000 people Monday night. It wasn't really an original question but it was apropos. She was quoting the Old Testament prophet Ezekiel and the story he told that some know as the Valley of the Dry Bones. Considering what was happening at the Masonic Temple and who was among the 2,000 people, it was a perfect question, one that many Greater Clevelanders have actually been asking themselves for some time.

7 Jun. 2011 Posted by Ari in Education

Interfaith service hopes to improve city

CLEVELAND - An estimated two thousand people packed an interfaith service Monday night in Cleveland with the goal of making the city a "more just and prosperous place." Greater Cleveland Congregations united people from 40 different churches, synagogues, mosques, and neighbored centers at the Masonic Auditorium. The event was part political convention, part religious revival. It launched a six-month plan to address five concerns: education, jobs, healthcare, criminal justice reform and sustainable food.

7 Jun. 2011 Posted by Ari in Jobs

Greater Cleveland Congregations Pledges to Use Interfaith Muscle for Social Justice

Just as tough economic times are prompting local governments to work more collaboratively, some of Greater Cleveland's most influential churches are banding together to find solutions to common problems. ideastream's David C. Barnett reports that about 40 mosques, temples and churches are planning to use their influence to push for social justice issues.

30 May. 2011 Posted by Campaign in Jobs

"Against Learned Helplessness" by Paul Krugman from the NYT

Unemployment is a terrible scourge across much of the Western world. Almost 14 million Americans are jobless, and millions more are stuck with part-time work or jobs that fail to use their skills. Some European countries have it even worse: 21 percent of Spanish workers are unemployed.

24 May. 2011 Posted by Campaign in Criminal Justice

County bracing for flood of low-level offenders if Ohio prisons budget is cut

CLEVELAND, Ohio -- Gov. John Kasich's plan to cut the state's prison budget by keeping low-level offenders out of the system would result in an influx of hundreds of offenders at local halfway houses and treatment facilities, which already have lists of people waiting to get in.

22 May. 2011 Posted by Ari in Criminal Justice

Standardize Ohio rape kit protocol

This is why they should be called survivors, not victims.

A 39-year-old woman was abducted by convicted sex offender and alleged serial killer Anthony Sowell. She was raped repeatedly over two days. Early on the morning of the third day, while Sowell slept, his arm draped over her, she managed to slip out of bed, snatch a picture frame off the wall and smash it over his head. A fight ensued. The woman bit Sowell on the forearm, jabbed him with a piece of glass and ran out the door, into the street.